Island of Krk

The surface of 405.78 km2, the same as that of the neighboring island of Cres, makes it the largest Croatian island. It is located in the Kvarner Bay and is the northernmost island in the Adriatic Sea.

There are 7 municipalities on the island: Omišalj, Dobrinj, Malinska, Vrbnik, Krk, Baška and Punat. In total, 66 towns and villages are inhabited, and the largest one and the island's administrative center is the city of Krk. According to the last census of 2011, there are 19 286 people living on the island.

The island of Krk is located in a very favorable geographic position. It is connected by a bridge with the mainland of Croatia, and is located near the city and the port of Rijeka. In Omišalj, a town on the island of Krk, there is also Rijeka Airport. The island is connected by ferry lines to neighboring islands Cres and Rab.

The Mediterranean climate dominates the island, which means that the summers here are very hot with temperatures of around 30° C, and the winters are mild, although there is a snowy winter from time to time. The sea temperature reaches up to 25° C in the summer, and in the winter it drops to 10° C.

Tourism on the island of Krk

The main industry on the island of Krk is tourism. It started to develop in the 19th century when the first guests from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and even domestic guests stayed on the island.

Since then, almost every activity on the island has been focused on this industry. Each coastal town has a developed infrastructure to accommodate guests, as well as all the facilities to make the offer complete. The island has many hotels, camps and (mostly) private accommodation in private apartments and rooms, as well as boarding houses. The type of accommodation that is getting more popular and accessible is vacation houses and luxury villas, which attract a large number of interested tourists.

Every year, it is invested in beaches, promenades and infrastructure, and this is why Krk is an attractive and highly competitive destination.

14 of the beaches on the island have a blue flag, indicating clear sea and coastline, adequate facilities and upkeep of the beach, as well as high quality of service.

On the event Days of Croatian Tourism, the city of Krk won the award Turistički cvijet as the best Adriatic tourist destination with more than 10 000 beds, which is a great acknowledgment of all emplyees in tourism and of a good organization of the destination.

All destinations on the island of Krk are focused on the development of family tourism, and the increase in the number of overnights each year is a proof of success in this segment.

Choose the island of Krk as the perfect destination for your vacation!

City of Krk

The history of the city of Krk goes back to prehistory. It was shaped by the interchange between native people and newcomers such as the Liburians, the Romans, the Slavs, the Franks, the Venetians ... The city is set on the ancient Roman foundations. A testimony of these is found in Platea Antiqua, thermae, the mosaic in the tavern Matethe Temple of Venus and the remnants of the town wall. The city got its current "robe" or walls during medieval times. Even before that, the city's architectural raster was defined by the Romans when they set two main streets, Cardo and Decumanus, exactly where they stand today. The city developed and grew over the centuries.

The city of Krk is enchanting in its representative medieval heritage. It developed during Venetian domination of this area. In this period, Krk's noble family of Frankopan, who were able to stay in Krk for a few centuries thanks to their skillful political flirtation with Venice, were especially prominent. To this day, Frankopan Castle has been preserved almost in its original state.

The castle is located on Kamplin Square, which at that time (and possibly still today) represented the focal point of the profane and sacred life. At the west end of the square there are the Krk Cathedral andbeautiful examples of Romanesque architecture. Due to its two stories, the Church of Saint Quirinus,is among the world's exceptions.

A look at medieval Krk without its modest Catholic religious orders would be unthinkable. They found their place at the northern gate of Porta Su, around today's square Trg Glagoljaša. In the past, this notable square was home to Franciscans, Benedictine monksand nuns and the Order of Saint Clare. The monasteries of the Franciscan order and Benedictine nuns are still preserved and in function, while from the former Benedictine monks' monastery of St. Mihovil the only preserved part is the church of St. Mary of Health, and the Poor Clares' monastery is, unfortunately, completely ruined.

Today Krk is known as a tourist town of exceptional cultural and artistic heritage, where the ancient Splendidisima Civitas Curitarum (the most splendid city of Krk people) exists in a lovely synergy with hectic modern times.

Do not return from the Golden Island before you have experienced some of the assets that earned Krk this prestigious name during the Roman Empire.

Enjoy the rich flavour of fish. In almost all taverns and restaurants you can try the handmade pasta which is the trademark of this island - very tasty “šurlice”, for whose production a lot of patience and experience is needed.

The Krk prosciutto, which is protected by the EU Designation of Origin, can be found in numerous restaurants. There is no better introduction to a meal than Krk wine Vrbnička Žlahtina. Do not forget to try the cheeses – made from cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk. In them you will experience all the richness of taste and scent of medicinal herbs abounding on the island of Krk.

Moreover, there is also Krk olive oil, which is one of the most prestigious Mediterranean oils. A true liquid gold and cure!

When it comes to sweet dishes, try an authentic dessert of dried figs and cottage cheese, and we recommend fried delicacies: fritule and kroštule. These are the desserts the residents of the island ate in the past. However, you should definitely try their modern version - the irresistible cake Krčka Kneginja which will win you over in the first tasting.

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Krk is surrounded by many beautiful islands and coves where you can find peace and quiet. You can just rest, swim and sunbathe, dive or explore the beautiful islands of Krk water area.

In our offer we have motorboats of different types, sizes and engine power for all tastes and needs. All boats are newly manufactured, insured and they have the appropriate equipment. The berth in the port, insurance and cleaning fee are included in the rental price. The collection of the boat takes place at 9.00 and the return at 19.00.

All of our vessels are located in the very center of the city of Krk - the port of Krk, where the collection of the boat takes place. It is possible to rent a boat with or without a skipper for one or more days. You will get the rented boat with a full tank and it needs to be returned with a full tank. A boat license is required to rent and operate a boat. If you do not have a licence, we can assign you a skipper who will take you through the most the beautiful bays and islands of Krk water area.


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